I inferred that the Quick Digs would become too frequent a visiter in the inbox of followers so I have decided to build up a series of QDs over a stretch of time then post them as more combined segments.

1. Hiking in CDA + Lunch

It’s a solid combination when a good day hike can be combined with a great place to eat. This happened when a hike just past Coeur d’Alene, known as Mineral Ridge, joined forces with a trip to Crafted Tap House + Kitchen in downtown Coeur d’Alene after. Some photo cred is warranted as well to Ms. Meagan.

Lake Coeur d’Alene
Popular photo spot on hike
Bloody Mary + the “B-I-Double-G-I-E” burger

2. freecodecamp.org

I started using this website maybe a month ago to develop some knowledge of coding languages and how to use them. It’s free (and easy to make small donations), they offer multiple curriculum options, and it is so well designed. I say well designed because the challenges are short, rewarding, and very well worded.

There are so many options for different processes to learn about, but it seems less overwhelming and more exciting.

3. FredMeyer ClickList

I’ve noticed a few grocery stores starting to offer this service. I’m a fan.

4. This external keyboard

I wanted to get an external keyboard to help improve my posture when I’m at my computer (by improving my gaze) and this was a cheap, and so far, awesome little purchase. It is light, charges easily, and resembles the same size as my Mac keyboard. Another route I could have taken was to get an external desktop screen… still might have to do that so I can have multiple screens.

5. Templates in Microsoft Excel or on Google Docs

It is so awesome that these programs offer pre-made templates for proposals, invoices, lesson plans, budgets, and calendars. I’m not sure when this happened, but I only started using the templates a couple months ago and it saves so much time in design and formatting. Totally digging that.

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