Video Archive: 1SecondEveryday

I recently upgraded my plan for the website and can add video now. The bad news is I can’t upload some videos because I don’t own the rights to music. However, I can upload some videos where I used free music from online or through editing software. I’ll be throw a few around every now and then.

Last year, I downloaded the 1SecondEveryday app. The app allows you to take a one second video of your life everyday and create a short montages depending on the length of time that you have selected.

It’s intended to ad a piece of memory (time) to even the ordinary, or seemingly ordinary, days.

I started on my 23rd birthday, which was right before I went on a longer road trip, and I ended the video a year later as I was traveling to Florida for my Level 1 PGA seminars. I missed a total of about two weeks I think (random days). It was really cool to look back at all the moments, day-to-day, in my life that can be forgotten so easily, and to see what where I went and who I was with that year.


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