Bear Creek Oasis

Drove out to La Quinta Cove for a morning hike into the Santa Rosa mountains. At the end of the hike I was pretty worn out from the heat (which is why I tried to start at 6 a.m.) and had the ascent/descent around 2500 ft with distance around 8.7 miles. I didn’t hang out at the oasis too long— because it wasn’t super enticing with giant bugs hovering everywhere—but went car-to-car 4 hours and 6 minutes

I found the hike on AllTrails and the parking lot was quite big.

There were plenty of signs on the trail to guide me through the beginning part of the hike.

Hardly ANY shade. I was happy I brought sunscreen and extra water.

HIGHLIGHT: The views of a peak just south of Indio Mountain with La Quinta to the right. The peak I’m talking about could actually be Indio Mountain. See pictures below.


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Here’s the view of the mountain that I’m not sure is Indio Mountain or not, I was talking about it above but wasn’t sure which one it was. Could be both.
Bear Creek Oasis
Another spectacular view.