West Fork Trail – Indian Canyons

Paid $9 and went into the Indian Canyons owned by the Agua Caliente Tribe. Head up into the hills on a five and half mile hike gaining a little over 1,500 ft in elevation.

This was probably my favorite trail so far in the desert. The area has so much life to it (for the desert). Hiking towards the San Jacinto Mountain Ridge, and so close to it, allows an interesting environment, and impressive views. Stopping at a creak, instead of a dusty, rocky, dry mountain top also made me nostalgic for the Northwest.

Taken from inside the palms that are located in the lower left of the picture below this one
The popular Indian Canyon area down below., just a short walk from parking lot.
Little patches of palm on the right hills
Looking down into a cool area of Palm Creek Canyon. From up above you can hear the water.


Headed back down the trail


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