The 25th Year.

The follow up to My 24th Year.

I don’t want to ramble about the actual goals, or reasons why I chose certain goals (or recycled one or two). I will state them in their entirety and a few ways I brainstormed how I will achieve them. Another important aspect is how I am intertwining the goals into the social fabric of my life. Some may have a timeline or two tied to them.

If I achieve what I wnat to this year, based on realistic projections, by Oct. 7, 2018, I will have;

  • Completed my PGA Level 2 Portfolio and passed my PGA Level 2 Test
  • Scored an even par 72 (or even par 71) on a golf course playing with others
  • Saved $4,000
    • for PGA Levels and plane ticket (see goal below)
  • Given a golf lesson in Spanish & passed three different proficiency tests
    • find YouTube lessons in Spanish, take notes on new vocab, try to emulate.
  • Written 52 letters of appreciation to people in my life
  • Completed the next Gymnastics Strength Training level
    • I believe it will be the Foundation course
  • Swam One Mile Nonstop
    • Taking tips from Total Immersion Swimming off the Tim Ferriss Show
  • Advanced beyond just a white belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    • Naturally, this would be a blue belt. However, depending on how this work out the second part of the year it may just be a white belt with some stripes.
  • Bought a plane ticket to leave country
    • This is a carry over goal from last year. I have plans to travel out of the country with a friend next winter. However, at the moment it is still up in the air.

I have a few smaller intentions that I will be using the app Way of Life to keep track of daily. Those include;

  • meditation
  • journaling
  • sugar consumption
  • reviewing goals


This post is about a month behind due to a trip to Florida and moving down the California. However, I have already started working on some of the bullet points.


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