CBT: Depression Treatment Manual

I’m not a clinically depressed person. However, a quick look in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) led me to consider many of my thoughts.

I wanted to evaluate some of my automatic thoughts, and other thoughts that steer my vision and create conceptions of my world.

These checklists, done daily, help you see which thoughts creep into your mind throughout the day. It’s done at the end of the day and I really liked doing it. It was nice at the end of the day to realize that really I have a or if positive thoughts. Some on the positive side range from, “I like to read” or “I’m pretty smart”. On the negative list there could be, “Nobody loves me” or “I don’t have what it takes.”

They can be found in the journal of Ricardo F. Munoz, Ph.D. & Jeanne Miranda, Ph.D. Individual Therapy Manual for Cognitive-Behavior Treament of Depression

Just google something close to that above to find the whole manual, but here are the two lists I used.


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