The Heart of the Revolution by Noah Levine


If you are looking to love yourself more, or if you are looking to love everyone and everything else more, give this book a quick goose. I do not have very many notes on it, but it is powerful.

What was in this book, came to me at a time that I needed it. That being said, I think anytime is a good time to read this book. This book was about looking at the world with eyes that desperately want to understand other people. To do that, you need to understand you. Especially if ‘you’, is deeply defined by your past. Coming out of a rough time (addiction, loneliness, depression, prison) is another great reason to read this book.

Lots of Buddhism in this one, which is a great thing. Anyone who is experiencing suffering or pain (everyone) should consider opening this book.

Hate cannot drive out hate

but by love alone it is conquered.

This is the ancient truth.

You will never escape Mara, you have to greet it with friendliess and compassion.

Respond to pain with compassion, clinging to pleasure will only cause suffering, aversion will cause more suffering. Pain is a part of life, suffering is controllable.

“No one is exempt from full responsibility for all his or her intentional actions or inactions…ignorance is not an excuse…In our hearts we know that hurting any living being is wrong, no matter what your religion says.”

We all wish to be free from suffering.

the sublime abiding – the happiest place to be, an enlightened way of being, a cool place to hang out, an internal place of ease.

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